Decreased body fat by 7%

In the last 2 months I have decreased my bf % by about 7% and have lost about 7 lbs. I have lost 10 lbs of fat and gained 3 lbs of muscle. My waist and hips have each decreased by about 2.5 inches. I have a lot more energy and my concentration has increased.  Both of...

What exactly is Future Health?
Future Health is a wellness center that provides a comprehensive program including:
– 20 minute workouts supervised in small groups (2 to 6 people approx.)
– Personalized nutrition and exercise programs
– Regular consultations to chart your progress (metabolism, measurements, etc.)
– Education courses (either live classes or online videos)
What are the Membership options?
You can either purchase sessions (that don’t expire) or do a time-based membership which includes all the recommended workouts and consultations (this is better value if you’re training 2+ times per week). See ‘join now’ for pricing and details.
How often do I need to come?
We recommend between 3 to 5 times per week for optimum results. Also a regular consultation every month.
Why are the workouts 20 minutes?
The workouts are high-intensity workouts that maximize your metabolism. Research is showing more and more that less time but more intense produces better results. For further information, please see the video on the home page.
Do I have to go on a diet?
80% of getting into shape is what you eat and possibly more for health. We educate and personalize your nutrition plan based on your goals and health. It’s important that you’re fueling the body with the right nutrients whilst working out (and avoiding toxins).
What kind of facilities do you have?
We have a state-of-the-art 8,500 sq.ft. which is the highest fitness center in the world. The views are spectacular. We have full showers, changing rooms and towel service. There’s even massage chairs at the back with views over the Hollywood sign.